Superior Autobiographical Memory



Want to take a superior autobiographical memory test? Want to learn more about research related to this amazing condition and whether you have it too? Find out how here!

What is superior autobiographical memory

Ability to remember what happened on any given day

Superior Autobiographical Memory is the ability to remember facts related to dates. In essence, you can give someone any date in their life (or in part of their lives where this skill first started manifesting) and they can tell you the major points of that day. They may not have photographic memory for that day, but remember important things or even the weather on that date. In a 60 minutes story, people were also able to remember specific ranges of dates, their favorite Sunday, or compare certain days to each other. The ability to understand superior autobiographical memory may help people with memory problems or brain injuries, or at least help scientists understand how knowledge is classified.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Research shows that people with this condition are usually unmarried or divorced, which may contribute to a certain amount of cynicism given that people with SAM never forget anything, and can spot a lot of lies because they remember details extemely well.