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September 12, 2011:
Recently announced on the CBS fall linuep show.


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Premieres Tuesday September 20.

Superior autobiographical memory makes its way to the small screen

Marilu Henner, who has this gift, set to guest star as main character's aunt.

Unforgettable is a new show in the CBS Sunday night lineup that stars Poppy Montgomery as a detective who is gifted with the ability to remember every detail of her life, on a day-by day basis. In what must have been light speed for the development of a TV series, the topic of superior autobiographical memory went from a January 2011 piece on 60 Minutes to a fall 2011 tv show. Marilu Henner, profiled as one of the six (known) people in the US to have the gift, stars as the main character's aunt. In a twist of irony, Henner's character has early onset Altzheimer's, which will provide a contrast with a character who doubtlessly wishes she could forget certain days of her life. Henner is also a consultant on the series. The preview, as seen on the CBS fall lineup show, looks very interesting and will certainly have a lot of interplay between other characters on the force who have to deal with a co-worker who remembers everything.

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Special note: All of us at superiorautobiographicalmemory.com hope that this series becomes a huge hit and generates considerable interest in the field of superior autobiographical memory. Not only do we find it to be a fascinating subject, but we also like to get more visitors to the domain name which has suddenly become more valuable.